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If a private company or public authority has misused, lost or disclosed your sensitive information and data without permission, you are entitled to compensation.

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What is a data breach?

In simple terms, a data breach is when personal data is lost, destroyed, accessed, or disclosed to another party without authorisation, this could be by accident or deliberately by somebody inside or outside of the organisation.

A data breach could include; your financial information such as loan agreements or bank statements being sent to the wrong person which causes you unnecessary stress and/or embarrassment. This could also include data that a company holds for you online being accessed by criminals to be used for fraud causing you stress, worry, and financial loss.

As technology and social media continue to grow, data is becoming more and more valuable, in fact, recent studies rank data as the most valuable commodity in the world, surpassing oil and it is showing no signs of slowing down.

How could my data have been breached?

Gowing Law Solicitors are experts in dealing with all types of data breach cases. Our team is committed to helping you receive the maximum amount of compensation for data protection breach in cases such as:

  • Someone steals your identity to obtain a credit card fraudulently
  • You inadvertently lose important data
  • A third party gets your data without your permission
  • Someone misuses your personal information
  • Company data leaks due to whatever reason
  • An organisation uses your confidential information for journalism without your permission

Our expert solicitors have the experience and expertise to help you to get back on your feet and keep you protected in the future. Get in touch with us today to get started with your data breach claim.

Can I claim?

If you have been a victim of a privacy violation due to a private company or public authority misusing, losing, or disclosing your sensitive information and data to another party without your permission, you are entitled to compensation.

However, there is a limitation period for claiming under the Data Protection Act of 2018. Currently, this limitation period is 6 years, you should file a case before the limitation period ends.

How much will it cost me to make a claim?

At Gowing Law, data breach claims are processed on a No Win No Fee basis.

When making a No Win No Fee claim, you don’t need to worry about anything as we will bear all upfront costs, and you will only need to pay a fee if your claim is successful, this means you will never be out of pocket.

The impact of a data breach

At Gowing Law Solicitors, we have seen first-hand the effects of lost or stolen data. We know that the full impact of a data breach is often not apparent until months after the violation occurs. Financial losses often start to occur only between three to six months after the violation. However, the impact of data breaches can go much further than just financial losses.

If an organisation or individual didn’t protect your confidential data, you have the right to compensation for a data protection breach.

Gowing Law Solicitors can help you get the maximum amount of compensation for your losses.

How much is the average compensation for a breach of the Data Protection Act?

The average compensation for breaches of the Data Protection Act is between £1,000 and £42,900. In some cases, you may be able to claim more compensation for a personal data breach that causes you distress.

You can use the following figures as a rough guide to the amount of compensation that you may be able to receive as a result of different kinds of breaches:

Type of breach Estimated potential compensation
Breach of an individual’s name, date of birth, home and email addresses £1,000 – £1,500
Breach of medical records £2,000 – £5,000
Breach of financial information £3,000 – £7,000
Breach which causes depression or illness (Medical evidence would be required to support this along with evidence to support any other losses, for example earnings) £25,700 – £42,900

Gowing Law Solicitors have a team of experts in this area who can offer a free initial consultation to determine if we can help and whether your case is worth pursuing. If you do have a claim our experienced solicitors will give you support and guidance throughout the whole claim process.

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